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Disclosure Statement

Dedicated Care Solutions LLC is a senior housing and care provider referral agency mandated under the ELDER AND VULNERABLE ADULT REFERRAL AGENCY ACT Chapter 18.330 RCW.  In accordance to Legislative House Bill 1494, Section 6, any client and family of Dedicated Care Solutions LLC have the right to a full statement of disclosure prior to receiving a senior housing referral.  Dedicated Care Solutions LLC does not charge a fee to their clients for referral services.  Dedicated Care Solutions LLC makes referrals and offer options to their clients and do not make direct recommendations.


1)       Dedicated Care Solutions LLC services are completely complimentary to our clients and their families or representatives.  We do not work for any community, care facility or Adult Family Home and act as an advocate to the families in which we represent.  

2)       Dedicated Care Solutions LLC provides complimentary consultations, personally guided tours, budget planning and fee negotiations, survey reviews and license validations, professional referrals and assistance with any necessary assessments.

3)       Dedicated Care Solutions LLC represents the client and works in conjunction with care services or senior housing providers to identify the best housing options that meet the client’s financial, physical and social needs.

4)       Dedicated Care Solutions LLC will require client authorization to obtain or disclose confidential healthcare information on the client’s behalf.  We inform the providers with details regarding potential clients housing and care needs only after authorization has been obtained. 

5)       Dedicated Care Solutions LLC services are reimbursed by the senior housing or care providers for referrals if there is a partnership in effect.  Referral fees are paid by the senior housing communities based on the first month’s rent and care charges, payable by the community upon move-in date.  Referral fees range from 20%-100%.

a)       Referral fees are pro-rated if the client moves out of the community, dies, is hospitalized or transferred to another supportive housing provider within 30 days of moving in. Dedicated Care Solutions LLC will never charge the client or their family.

b)       Upon a client’ request, a full disclosure of fees will be provided.

c)       Dedicated Care Solution’s contracts with senior housing and care providers state the fee cannot be passed on to the client. 

6)       Dedicated Care Solutions LLC does not require or request clients to sign waivers of potential liability for losses of personal property or injury, or to sign waivers of any rights of the client established in state or federal law.

7)       Dedicated Care Solutions LLC conducts routine tours to senior housing communities prior to making client referrals.  Dedicated Care Solution’s Clients will be provided any DSHS website enforcement letter findings along with when the community was last visited during the referral process.    

8)       Client has the right to terminate the services of Dedicated Care Solutions LLC, without cause, and is free to use an alternative agency without penalty or cancellation fee to the client.

9)       Client may file a complaint at any time by contacting the WA Attorney General’s Office by mail at 1125 Washington Street SE, PO Box 40100, Olympia, WA 98504-0100 or by phone at 1-800-551-4636.